With today’s economy in a slump and being frugal has become a trend, shopping for used clothing makes a lot of sense. Are you new to “thrifting” and unsure about how to start? No worries, this article has got you covered. Use these tips to maximize your “thrifting” experience and score some hip clothes without draining your bank account!

Where to buy?
-    Go to Value Village/Savers. If there was a list for “The Cheapest Thrift Store,” this one would on the top. Goodwill, another thrift store, is on the pricier side compared to its counterpart.
-    Go to a wealthy area. Thrift stores at wealthier areas often have a relatively larger number of nice quality brand-name items than those in other areas. Also, it’s easier to find awesome things that have not even been worn. Let their excess become your treasure!
-    Go to clothing sections that you don’t normally check. Browse the men’s section in the thrift store for flannels, button-down shirts and oversized sweaters. These items are usually better in the men’s section, and they are so cute to pair with leggings or skinny jeans in fall and winter!

What time to go?
-    Go as early as possible. Head to the store in the morning right when they open, because that’s when they usually put out the new items.
-    Go when there’s a sale. Things there are already cheap, but seriously, who would complain if the prices go even lower? For some thrift stores, there is a sale on a certain day of each week or month. For instance, my local thrift store holds a sale every third Wednesday of the month. Also, 50 percent off is usually offered during special occasions, such as, Labor Day.

What are the best items to look for? 
-    Accessories. I purchased my best accessories from thrift stores. I once got a brown leather belt from a thrift store for only $3. No matter what I pair it with, people always praise it and ask me where I got it. Thrift stores are also good for hair ties and hair clips!
-    The basics. By that, I mean the staples that make up a good size of any smart girl’s wardrobe. This includes pumps, tank tops, skirts, etc., in black, white or any neutral color.
Some more tips!
-    Examine the item with extra attention. Look for any holes, stains, broken zippers or other flaws on the item.
-    Think creatively. This ties in with the tip above. Finding those defects does not necessarily rule the item out, as long as you have an easy way to fix it. There are always ways to alter the item. It’s time to show your creativity: Layer it in the best possible way or showoff your amazing sewing skills to turn it into a completely different item! However, if you can’t transform it because it’s too damaged, move on.

On a last note, have an open mind and enjoy the thrill hunting for trendy and hip clothes at a low cost! Happy “thrifting”!