Fall is approaching soon, which means that we will soon be back to the season of breezy mornings and chilly afternoons. Don’t let the cold kill all your fashion fun or be drowned by boring old sweaters. This season, it’s all about being bold, bright and energetic. Items that incorporate the elements of color-blocking, neon, shine and sparkle have been splattered all over the runways and fashion blogs. Apply these trends into any clothing items you pick, and you will definitely make head turns while you are strutting around campus. Here are five fall must-haves that will prepare your closet for the new weather and make you stand out from the rest of your crowded campus.

Neon Beanies
Simply toss a neon beanie on top of your head, and your whole look will be kicked up a notch no matter what other clothing items you are wearing. Not to mention this trend has been spotted on a lot of celebrities, including the always-fashionable Rihanna.

Slouchy Off-the-Shoulder Sweater

Take your ordinary off-the-shoulder sweater to the next level by picking an eyelet style in a bright color! Instead of spending $50 to buy a new trendy sweater, a more economic method is to transform any oversized old sweater you are about to throw away and cut it up into an off the shoulder one! Simply create a new neckline by cutting along the original hems around the neck, cutting one side deeper than the other with a fabric scissors, and you’ve got yourself an off-the-shoulder sweater!

Printed Tights

Not only do the unique prints and colors that tights now come in make you look avant-garde, but sporting this item will help you to save a lot of money as well: Wearing them gives you a way to wear your favorite summer shorts even when they are off the shelves in most boutiques. Pair these printed tights under your shorts to keep warm and achieve a cute and funky look!

Colored Bottoms

Consistent with this season’s trend of being bold and bright, colored bottoms are a must-have. The pop of color will certainly inject more energy and positive power into you; to go bolder, tie-dyed bottoms will do the trick as well. Here is another money-saving tip for you: Instead of buying pricey tie-dyed pants at brand name boutiques, purchase tie-dye kits from Walmart or any of your local craft stores at around $10, and DIY by following the easy instructions on the kit’s label.

Sparkly Collar Necklaces

These necklaces are detachable toppers that look like a collar. They can freshen up any outfit, and add classiness and sophistication to your look in an instant. On top of that, wearing them infuses a fall vibe to any outfits you pair it with! Certainly another item that allows you to save money, plus, it saves your closet from being overcrowded!