If Alanis Morissette, Dave Matthews, Fiona Apple and Janis Joplin had a lovechild it would be Linda Perry. She has an unbelievable ability to write, produce and sing songs with immense emotion as presented through her very blunt poetic lyrics with a mixture of blues, rock and folk elements.

After her brief stint as lead singer of the 4 Non Blondes, Linda took to writing songs that were performed and recorded by Christina Aguilera and Pink. She’s come back into the limelight to produce songs that are all hers in more ways than one. On her latest album, In Flight, she’s definitely paid her dues and proved to be more than just a flash-in-the-pan rock star.

In Flight greatly showcases her talents and shows the world that there’s more to being beautiful than what we see on MTV. It could all be summed up with the lyrics from the first track, "In My Dreams," which repeatedly laments, "Am I getting much too deep?"

Grade: A+