The title song to this album is about salvaging memories after a break-up, made clear with the song’s simple chorus, "My photographs/I want them back." But the title could just as easily refer to what each song represents – moments frozen in time like they were burned onto Kodachrome. The lyrics taken by themselves would be reason for a good long cry, but Mest delivers heartbreak in such an upbeat manner that the band almost makes love and lust gone wrong a good thing. That musical alchemy makes Photographs a quick and fun listen from beginning to end, even with stops at songs called "Cursed," "Graveyard" and "Nightmare."

The disc closes with "Last Kiss," the story of a couple’s suicide pact. You have to wonder – if Mest can make an album this good when the group is so damned depressed, what would the band sound like when everything is fine and dandy?