There is something about the opera this season that makes it so  entertaining. In fact, the Los Angeles Opera continues to produce solid pieces, including its latest in “Don Giovanni.”

A romantic comedy that carries tragedy, “Don Giovanni” details the life of the infamous seducer, Don Juan. He’s a womanizer, lover and force to reckon with if you’re a man. He knows what to do and say at the appropriate time in order for women to feel secure and happy, while men envy and hate him.

Several entities consider “Don Giovanni” as the best opera ever written. With this new show to L.A. Opera, we witness why that is: the plot, music, acting and singing are impeccable. Additionally, Ildebrando D'Arcangelo vigorously performs the character of Don Giovanni a one for the ages, making it a desirable act.

Known for a rich tradition in Mozart classics, “Don Giovanni” is no exception as it exemplifies the beauty of classical pieces that is led by conductor James Conlon – a genius in conduction. This adds to the opera’s remarkable acting and singing by its cast.

D’Arcangelo delivers a performance to remember. From beginning to end, his acting and signing get more entertaining. When Don Giovanni meets the beautiful and lovely Zerlina (Roxana Constantinescu), he finds a match. But this match instills a battle in him, primarily because Zerlina’s significant other remains in the picture.

While Constantinescu plays an attractively sensual Zerlina, Julianna Di Giacomo solidly portrays Donna Anna and Soile Isokoski does an admirable interpretation of Donna Elvira. These three women give the audience a memorable night filled with laughs and the joy of operatic singing.

Despite the stage brilliance from the women, “Don Giovanni” remains as an opera reigned by the seduction of Don Giovanni’s romantic adventures that lead to his eventual death. On top of that, the charisma and comedy contributed by David Bizic as Leporello (Don Giovanni’s servant and close friend) comes out to perfection. Bizic’s antics are a gem within this masterpiece.

Indeed, the operas by the L.A. Opera are becoming even more entertaining.