"You do not pay for happiness; you tear it from society selling it." Edith Abeyta, the mastermind behind Walled City’s Can’t Get No Satisfaction, found the words of situationist writer Raoul Vaneigem to be the perfect way to express the spirit that lies within her newest exhibit. Satisfaction centers around capitalism and making use of the waste that is strewn throughout the streets of society. All works featured in the showcase were created with materials that are often dismissed as meaningless and "have been abandoned, thrown away, shunned and otherwise have become trash."

The creations of more than 20 innovators will be on display, including "How to Carve a Pistol Out of a Bar of Soap" by Michele Hubacek and "Spoiled, Stale, Too Old ..." by Carina DiMarcellis, which also features a gun – but instead of using soap, DiMarcellis’ gun is carved out of an old piece of Swiss cheese.

Two main themes can be spotted in the exhibit. The first focuses on the street art phenomenon that embraces rebellion with the intention of mimicking corporate advertising campaigns, while the second theme acts as a reminder of how society’s dependence on capitalism (although it has created an abundance of ideas and materials) has failed to satisfy the hearts of its citizens.

Walled City is located at 309 W. 7th St., in San Pedro. Gallery hours: Tue-Fri 5-8 p.m.; Sat-Sun 11 a.m.-4 p.m.; closed Mon. For more information, visit www.walledcitygallery.com"> or www.cantgetnosatisfaction.blogspot.com.