Please be warned. With the auditory gifted arrival of Tame Impala’s sophomore album release Lonerism, your ears will be anything but that of a tame antelope. 

Be ready to be transcended into the type of music we crave to narrate our lives (that is if your life is that of an Indie-loving, modern late 1960’s rock music hoarder like myself) whether we are falling in love, falling out, generating some swank at a private gathering or just frolicking through life desiring an emotional dreamy melody to enhance our everyday lives.  There is no song on this album worth skipping. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, “How rare is that?” The answer is, very.

Lonerism distinguishes itself as a creative freedom where Tame Impala’s lead band member and multi-instrumentalist, Kevin Parker, makes a generous leap from their debut album Innerspeaker by incorporating more synths and a groovy wad of ear candy worthy of digesting now. I say do it.

Grade: A

Lonerism is now available.