Clear some space on your iPod, smartphone or whatever else you use to listen to music. Energetic Washington, D.C. foursome, Dance for the Dying, blends ‘80s synth rock with ‘00s post-punk and guitar rock: think the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Faint mixing it up with Blondie. On the group’s latest, the five-song EP Puzzles for the Traveler, frontwoman M.C. Wolfe traverses the acceleration and then the descending spiral of a relationship, from wanting to dress up for a new boyfriend (the manic “Mannequin”) to domestic delights (hypnotic dance track “Ordinary Objects”). But things have a way of cooling down: see the scar-suffused “Cold,” where desire starts to decay. Dreams are replaced by darker considerations during electro-goth nugget “Ophelia,” which evokes the Cure’s shadowy seduction. The crash is inescapable: on the lingering, final cut, “Memento,” forgotten items found in drawers are the sole reminders of expired affection: a racing heart has turned to resentment.

Grade: B