The top level of Santa Monica Place has transformed into a labyrinth of three terrifying mazes sure to bring a little terror to the coast. The Paranoia Haunted Attraction, L.A.’s newest addition to its Halloween offerings, brings us three trips into some of the deepest fears people have.

You can journey into a zombie-infested infirmary filled with hungry patients waiting for fresh meat. The hospital halls lure you into an unknown area. The moment you let your guard down, a zombie will pop out at you ready to make you the undead! The twists and turns are filled with spaces that do an excellent job to not give away just quite where the living dead will attack you.  Notably, the hospital bed section of the maze is absolutely terrifying with bodies covered in sheets that could rise up at any moment to chase you out of there.

Another maze in the Paranoia attraction is just what the doctor from the last maze ordered: a bit of laughter.
Send in the clowns! The Insomniac Clown Playhouse will scare you silly. It is very much like a funhouse but overrun by clowns that were also hit by a zombie virus. This is definitely a fun maze that includes two carnival favorites: a hall of mirrors and a spinning tunnel that will make you easy prey. In the hall of mirrors, you might be able to see reflections of a clown lurking in there with you, but which is the real thing? The spinning tunnel is a great disorienting gag that leaves you dizzy and totally throws you when you get out—have fun with that.

And just when you think you’ve had enough, you decide to visit Granny’s Manor of Mayhem for what seems to be the tamest of the mazes. It’s about Grannies, so it can’t be that bad…right?

Granny’s Manor of Mayhem is the scariest maze of the three. It’s as if you’re walking into a zombie-retro episode of “The Twilight Zone” with gore. You enter and an insane horseman on a super cool looking carriage greets you, as you are welcomed into a fantastic house of horrors. It was a real treat to be in a combination of an old school haunted house with practical scares. Not to mention, it’s always a fun time when crazy houseguests are chasing you.

The trip through the closet is definitely one of the most claustrophobic sections to go past, and the kitchen section was stomach turning. The people in the maze made it even creepier and most memorable.
So if you’re up for a great night of scares, head over to the Paranoia Haunted Attraction at Santa Monica Place. Be sure to also check out Zengo’s, the attraction’s home base for yummy treats and drinks. The Witch’s Brew mojito is frightfully delicious and refreshing, perfect for taking the edge off before or after the mazes.

Happy Haunting!!!