The cell phone has become a gadget that we just can’t put down. We’re constantly texting, talking, taking photos, Tweeting and checking Facebook – we just can’t get enough of it!  Below, we have compiled a list of handy apps you can download on your cell phone that will keep you entertained, up-to-date and allow you to communicate with other app users.

1. iHomework
This is the best app for organizing your vast number of assignments to keep your grades up. It allows you to email assignments to friends, record your grades and keep track of those essays, readings and presentations. It sends out reminders to you so you never have to worry if you are missing a due date.

2. Drinking Games FREE
This app includes a laundry list of fun games to get any party night started with a group of willing and outgoing friends. From word games like the “ABC’s of Sex” to cards games like “Brain Damage,” this app will tell you what you need and how to play for a night of tipsy debauchery.

3. Flashcards +
The title of this app makes it pretty clear as to what it does. Basically, rather than bothering with the tedious task of going to the bookstore to buy flashcards and then spending long hours handwriting your Spanish II vocabulary, you can now use your phone to study in an efficient and eco-friendly way.

4. Instagram
This app is fantastic for sharing what’s happening in your life with all of your friends. Edit photos with a number of artistic effects (which, by the way, flatters most people’s photos), and then share them on your Twitter and Facebook accounts. It’s a fun way to know what’s going on around campus with the people you care about.

5. My Fitness Pal
With all the late night fast food runs and heavy drinking at tailgates, eventually the college diet takes a toll on your physical health. This app is an effective way to count calories in an easy-going fashion so your weight stays on track. It has the largest food database of any other calorie counter, so it is the most efficient one.

6. ESPN ScoreCenter
The only way you can dish out the sports trash talk with confidence is when you know who won the game. This ESPN app is the best way to stay on top of the latest scores and standings (no more arguing over which team is number one in the AP standings). You can organize and follow your favorite teams and hear the latest buzz in sports news.

7. Find My Friends
Upon request, this app allows you to share your location with certain friends so they can spot you on a map. It might sound creepy that you can keep track of your friends’ whereabouts, but it is actually pretty useful for seeing where your friends are on campus, especially during those busy tailgating days. Plus, it can act as a lifesaver if a friend in trouble disappears from a party.

8. The Week Magazine
Sure, the New York Times App and other newspaper apps are great for reading the in-depth stories. But, it is hard to find the time to read all the right articles that people are talking about. Not to worry, The Week Magazine app paints simple pictures of the important happenings of the day. They even have a Daily Briefing featuring “10 Things You Need to Know Today” so that busy college students can quickly learn the most relevant news. That way, when someone asks, “Did you hear about…?” you can be in the loop.

9.  All Recipes
You might not have the time (or the skills) to do some authentic gourmet cooking, so this app helps you find recipes that suit your abilities. Scan any item, and it will provide a tasty recipe to make a delicious dinner out of the remaining contents in your fridge. Wonder what you can make out of peanut butter, eggs and bread? Download the app to find out.

10. ShopSavvy

This app is especially helpful for people who are on a tight budget (you’d be hard-pressed to find a college student who isn’t on a tight budget). It allows you to scan the price tag of an item at a store and then compare that price with other store prices in order to find the best deal. Think of all the fun things you can buy with the money you save thanks to this handy little app.