Here’s a great Halloween gift or a treat for anyone who’s ever owned a cat that’s not quite right. Zombie Cat: The Tale of a Decomposing Kitty is not for children, but it is presented in the style of a kid’s book. It’s only half the size of a normal book and not a long story. There are only a couple of lines of text on each storyline page and an eye-grabbing cartoon-style illustration on the companion page. Zombie Cat once was Jake’s normal feline named Tiddles until a mouse that was exposed to a radiation spill bites him. Soon he’s roaming the streets looking for human brains, to eat and his kitty body starts to fall apart. When he makes his way back home, the sight of Zombie Cat scares the bejeebers out of Jake, but he decides to let the cat in and sew him back together. The two come to an understanding to ride out the zombie apocalypse together so long as Zombie Cat promises not to eat Jake. Is the promise kept? You’ll have to get the silly yet totally fun book to find out.

Grade: A