Being one out of a handful of DJs that can put together an album of original material is a victory in and of itself. With his third full-length album, Out of the Black, Boys Noize redefines his previous spacey, building house beats without entirely revolutionizing them.  And this is very much a good thing.

Despite starting off on a generic and obviously inspired kick with the first single “XTC,” the record builds and grows into something fresh with the dub-inspired “Circus of Clowns” and culminating in “Got It,” which features a blistering bass line and vocal contributions from Snoop Dog.

Like most DJs, Boys Noize’s recorded music doesn’t have quite the impact of his live performances, but “Out of the Black” succeeds in ways his previous albums haven’t. It possesses a general accessibility that isn’t just limited to ravers and party animals. 

Having said that, listeners won’t be experiencing anything truly groundbreaking or mind-blowing here. The ever enduring “bleeps” and “bloops” of the house music genre are here in spades, and even with Boys Noize’s trademark repertoire of spacey samples and effects, it’s still simple, beat-based dance music.

Regardless, of your thoughts on the genre, Out of the Black is a solid, exciting release that continues to reinforce Boys Noize as one of the more pertinent names in the ever-crowded EDM scene.  With a headlining, worldwide live tour in support of the release and his inevitable attendance at the usual string of electronic festivals, Boys Noize will continue to be a name that fans both new and old will continue to hype and revel in.

Grade: B

Out of the Black releases Tuesday, Oct. 16.