"A Romantic Journey" opens Saturday, Oct. 20 at Gallery 104 in San Clemente, California. It features photographer Amy Martinson, who is excited to show her work at Gallery 104.

Though photography has always played a huge role in her life, Martinson has had quite a diverse career, from fashion merchandising to the entertainment industry.

Photography eventually found its way back into the forefront of her world, something she has participated in from an early age and was inspired by her Dad.  Her father, who is also a photographer, passed on his passion to Amy.

She recalled, "Certain photography in National Geographic and other travel magazines caught my eye and motivated me to discover the vast and unique world we live in.  I found that certain pictures had an emotional effect on me.”

Although Martinson is a self-taught photographer, other photographers also inspired her.

“A photographer that stands out is Carsten Peter, a World Press Photo award winner and Emmy Award winner for videography,” she said. “He specializes in going to extremes.  He is always living on the edge with his camera, searching where nature is still pure.”

Now Martinson does her photography full time and travels all over the world searching for that perfect photo. She has shot from seaplanes in the Maldives, helicopters over the Grand Canyon and yachts in Bora-Bora. Her most memorable venture is when she hiked 8 miles up a mountain to Ramona Falls.

Over the years, Martinson has acquired the latest hi-tech cameras and switched over to digital when the industry did.

She explained, "It is imperative to be knowledgeable of the latest technology in digital photography and keep upgrading as time progresses. State-of-the-art equipment is a must." 

Amy Martinson’s photography will be on view at Gallery 104, located at 166 Avenida Del Mar in San Clemente.

For more information, visit amymartinson.com