Sarah Register and Andrya Ambro, also known as Talk Normal, claim to be from Brooklyn. The truth of the matter though is that…these girls are from Jupiter! One listen to “Lone General,” set to a military drumbeat (a rhythm for invasion!) experimental noises (alien technology!) and startling synth riffs (they’re really ray gun blasts!) confirms that Talk Normal has got to be from deep space. All through the song the two spacewomen use their feminine Jovian wiles to the hilt, apparently employing some type of E.T. mind control as their cooing and cutesy speak-singing causes the willful submission of anyone within earshot. And the feedback-laden guitar wooshes of “Bad Date” cut right to the brain; obviously this is how the implants are installed. Is it any wonder that the last words heard in “Hot Water Burns” are “Do you surrender?” Yes! I’ll take you to my leader or anyplace else you want to go! Brooklyn, huh? I don’t think so. But you trippy space chicks need to know one thing; I’m keeping my pointy ears on you!

Grade: A

Sunshine releases Tuesday, Oct. 23.