These stores will satisfy all your Halloween dress-up needs!

Address: 6548 & 6550 Hollywood Blvd.
Phone number: 323-469-4309

It is difficult to disagree with this quote from Mean Girls: “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” If you are hoping to dress up in something sexier than your everyday attire this Halloween, then Bizzy B will provide you with fun, sexy and original Halloween outfits. Not all of its outfits are slutty, but Bizzy B brings out and exaggerates your fun, flirtatious and feminine side. The store boasts an abundant and good collection of sexy Halloween outfits to choose from: maid, nurse, animal, sailor, schoolgirl, showgirl costumes – you name, they’ve got it.

Bizzy B also caters to plus sizes. The store provides a plus-size section where you can find outfits that are just as sexy (if not sexier) than other collections! Bizzy B is not only for women; it offers costumes for men and transgenders too.

Halloween Club
Address: 1101 South Westwood Blvd.
Phone number: N/A

This has to be one of the hugest Halloween stores in town. It claims to carry the largest collection of Halloween costumes, and it might be true. The entire warehouse is filled with Halloween costumes, wigs, makeup, props, accessories, masks, gadgets and much more. There are costumes for everyone: men, women, children, and even pets! Also, staff members are friendly and eager to help you pick out an outfit when you are overwhelmed with all the choices.

However, this store has its downsides. For instance, there’s no fitting room (they let you try on the costume over your clothes, though). Luckily, most Halloween outfits do not have to be fitted perfectly, so the absence of a fitting room is not that big of a deal.

People also complain that the prices are too high, but you only get one chance annually to dress up for Halloween! Trust me, it’s better to spend a little more on a costume that will turn heads.

Party City
Address: 2480 South Sepulveda, W
Phone Number: 310-312-6050

This is another store where you can shop for Halloween items for everyone in your family. Party City offers groups, couples and even mother-child costumes! I got quite a few good laughs from looking through the selection of costumes there. For example, the couples costumes include: hotdog and ketchup (where one will be the hotdog and the other one will be the ketchup), Wenda and Where's Waldo?, peanut butter and jelly (each of you will be a slice of white bread with either peanut butter or jam spread on it) and many more. I had a blast browsing through different sections and trying on all sorts of costumes.

The store will also extend its regular store hours just in time for Halloween. On Oct. 26-27, it will operate from 8 a.m. to midnight.

Another perk of shopping at Party City is that compared to other Halloween chain stores, the prices are reasonable! Kids’, babies’ and toddlers’ costumes start at $9.99; women’s costumes start at $12.99; and teen and men’s costumes start at $14.99. Furthermore, many Halloween event/party supplies are up to 50 percent off -- you can’t beat these prices!

Aahs! The Ultimate Gift Shop
Address: 1090 Westwood Blvd. in Westwood
Phone number: 310-209-1280

Aahs!, normally a gift store, is decorated as a Halloween store during Halloween. You can spot any costume or accessory you can imagine! The best day to shop at this store is the day after Halloween, since all of the costumes are 50 percent off. You can save money by buying the costume for next year or any continued Halloween parties that go on even after Halloween is over.

When Halloween is over, the shop’s convenient location in Westwood is awesome for UCLA students that live in dorms and don’t have a car to commute to nearby malls. The store carries a wide array of gag gifts, funny sayings tees, Hello Kitty items, UCLA gears and souvenirs, animal costumes, beer pong glasses, postcards, sunglasses, stuffed animals of various sizes, rings, soccer jerseys (even when it’s not the World Cup), action figures, posters and more. There is even a section dedicated to USC attires and products (what a bold move!).