I was ecstatic to be able to get a chance to interview Jon Jameson from the band Delta Spirit during a little downtime before the band breaks away on tour to grace the wonderful United Sates.  Angelenos will get to see the band on Nov. 8, with its modern and innovative indie folk-like sound. Jameson, who stays busy brewing his own beer out of his home in Brooklyn, NY while not in the studio, was super excited to talk about life creating music, the challenges he faces to keep their fan base growing and all that contributes to pumping out great music. 

Campus Circle: Jon, all the fans seem to be really stoked about the music you and your band Delta Spirit continues to gifts us with.What are some things you are looking forward to with the up and coming tour dates?
Jonathan Jameson: Well, currently we are taking some time to relax a bit in Brooklyn before we head to Northern California then Hawaii, where we will be for Halloween then to New Orleans. Really looking forward to traveling. As much as we miss our girlfriends, wives, family…it's great to be on the road with the guys and grow together in our experiences.

CC: Any plans to dress up for your Halloween show in Hawaii?

JJ: Ha! Yes! We have been throwing a few ideas around, possibly considering a band costume theme... Defiantly taking ideas from any fans!

CC: As a group, how would you describe your collaborating process when making music? Do you guys ever go through a block or butt heads at all over sounds?
JJ: We are all so different when it comes to our process. Many times we will just be brainstorming with sounds, and something will just fit. But we have known each other for so long that we have learned to find common ground respectively when our methods start to clash. Sometimes it's good just to be in an unfamiliar environment like we were when we recorded our last album. We stayed in a small town in upstate New York, so it was much easier to just break away from any frustrations and just step outside into nature…and take in all the life and fresh air around you.
CC: I know you guys are native to the SoCal area; are there any local favorites your looking forward to revisiting?

JJ: There are a lot of new places I've heard of that I really want to check out. I've heard a lot of great things about the Handsome Coffee Roasters spot in downtown L.A. Also, I'm really excited to play at the Wiltern -- such a great venue and we have never played there before.

CC: Is there any advice you want to give the younger generations looking to break into the music industry?
JJ: I went to my first punk show when I was 12, and I knew then and there that watching what those guys were doing was what I wanted to do, so my friend and I were like, “Let's start a band!” We hadn't ever even picked up an instrument, but we were really passionate about learning. All I can say it to keep practicing, keep writing, respect the sound and play right.