If pop music legend Madonna was just beginning her career, she'd probably be singing and performing material just as English singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding currently is.

Goulding, who is 25 years old, carries a fresh album, Halcyon, under her belt. Halcyon contains 14 tracks, including the infectious "Lights" - a track hitting the music waves like no other. "Lights" consists of an up-tempo, rhythmic vibrant sound along with electronic and pop elements.

"'Cause they're calling, calling, calling me home. Calling, calling, calling home. You show the lights that stop me turn to stone. You shine it when I'm alone Home," Goulding sings. It's beyond contagiously enjoyable - it just makes you want to freely dance, jump and move around, filling you with buoyant feelings and behavior.

In all the tracks, we notice that the London-based Goulding possesses a high vibrato and breathy tone. "Don't Say A Word," the album's first track, vividly supports that - particularly when she sings "If you never, If you never, ohhhh." She sounds utterly wonderful.

Tunes like "Only You," "Halcyon" and "I Need Your Love" (with Calvin Harris) strengthen the disc. They're all musically fruitful and vigorously enthralling.

Halcyon illustrates Goulding's musical influences, ranging from genres like R&B, electronica, heavy metal, folk, hip hop, pop and classical. She's an all around diverse artist.

The record, Goulding's second, is inspirational and reflective.

Grade: A

Halcyon is now available.

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