Thanks to country singer Scotty McCreery's second album Christmas with Scotty McCreery, Christmas has come earlier this 2012 year.

Christmas with Scotty McCreery snows its way through the market with 11 classic tunes for the Christmas spirit. With them, the 19-year-old North Carolina-native is contributing to the holiday celebration - he does so solidly. Most of the songs are country-based, but some sport a soft rock aspect.

After the platinum status that his first record, Clear As Day, earned, McCreery knew exactly what the concept of the second record would be: Christmas. Ever since his childhood, McCreery dreamed of such a project. Now, it's a dream come true.  

The first tune, "Let It Snow," serves as the perfect opener. It sets the vibe and mood with its cheerfully energetic sounds. In it, McCreery's vocals as a country genre performer become prominently soothing, to say the least. He reaches an epic plateau, musically.  

With "Jingle Bells," McCreery delivers an entertaining 3 minutes and 19 seconds. He appears to be more than a part of the song, which is arguably one of the best there is in Christmas with Scotty McCreery.  

The tracks "First Noel," "O Holy Night," and "The Christmas Song" produce reflective moments of the past, while "Santa Claus Is Back In Town" and "Christmas Comin' Round Again" provide inspirational thoughts and a distinctive energy - one ideal for the holiday season.  

Overall, Christmas with Scotty McCreery's efforts in cultivating a shining light for Christmas are noticeable; it's an epic win for McCreery.  

Grade: B+  

Christmas with Scotty McCreery is now available.