Get More Than a Cup of Tea at the 2nd Annual Los Angeles International Tea Festival
The L.A. International Tea Festival takes place Oct. 27-28 at the Japanese American National Museum.

Attention all you tea lovers out there: This weekend marks the 2nd Annual Los Angeles International Tea Festival at the Japanese American National Museum.  

What can you expect at this kind of festival? Well, yes, there will be an abundant of tea from all around the world (exhibitors include Aiya America, Chado Tea Room, Den’s Tea and more). But that’s not all they’re offering.

At this festival, you will get to participate in tea classes and vendor presentations. For example, did you know that wine is not the only beverage that goes well with cheese?  Chef Robert Wemischer, a pastry chef and culinary educator, will present a sampling of cheeses paired with certain teas (goat cheese and green tea…who knew?!). After his lecture, you’ll be surprised at what you can pair.

If cheese is not really your “cup of tea,” stay for the dessert! Wemischer will also present a lecture on pairing tea with chocolate. For example, he’ll show you that brewed tea can go nicely with the right white, milk or dark chocolate.

Other presentations include a look into Indian, Chinese and Japanese teas. China is tea’s birthplace, and one presentation will teach you about its relationship with tea. In Japan, there is a Japanese tea ceremony (called Chanoyu or Sado in Japanese) where people prepare and serve Japanese green tea – a whole one-hour demonstration and lecture will focus on this choreographed ritual. And you can find out more about the Assam leaf, Darjeelings and Nilgiri teas from India in a lecture with Devan Shah.

If you want to throw your own little tea shindig at home, there’s a presentation for that as well. Lorna Reeves, editor of TeaTime magazine, will give tips and tricks on planning a fabulous tea party. You can learn how to make your guests really feel like they’re having tea with the queen by following her advice on how to set a beautiful table, craft a delicious menu and much more!

Another highly anticipated event at this festival is the tea sommelier certification program. Here, James Norwood Pratt (an internationally known author, historian and storyteller) and Shah will give a concentrated overview of tea. You’ll receive a certificate after you learn all about tea's history, origins, production and more.

So feel free to indulge in your wildest tea dreams at this festival – you’re guaranteed a once in a lifetime experience.

The 2nd Annual Los Angeles International Tea Festival takes place on Oct. 27 and Oct. 28 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Japanese American National Museum, which is located at 100 N. Central Ave. in Los Angeles.

General Admission is $20. For more information on ticket prices and the festival, click here.