Music artist, singer and songwriter Fernanda Ulibarri is going acoustic for one night, while celebrating “Noche de Muertos,” the night after Halloween, in Los Angeles.

A special and unique evening of music from Ulibarri will take place Thursday, Nov. 1, at The Lyric Hyperion Theatre & Café in Silver Lake. 

“To some extent, I’ve decided to do a tranquil and bohemian-like show,” Ulibarri said. “All year long, I’ve done shows at places late at night where it is loud. That’s why I decided to do this tranquil performance.”

She said that the concert is scheduled to be acoustic. 

“It will be an acoustic show, where former La Santa Cecilia guitarist Gloria Estrada will accompany me. I’m going to be performing the same songs included in átOma and átOma Remixes, but through acoustic versions.” 

Ulibarri added that it’s more challenging to deliver acoustic sets rather than musical displays along with a full band since the venue and crowd are smaller. “At the same time, however, they are more powerful because people are more focused on your music and performance…I also enjoy [acoustics] more.”

The show is free of charge for the attending public.

Ulibarri, who graduated from the prestigiously acclaimed Berklee College of Music in Boston with a Bachelor’s in Electronic and Classical Composition, released the EP’s átOma and átOma Remixes this year. Ulibarri’s been actively promoting her work in Mexico City and L.A. She acknowledges the success of “Se Satura Mi Cabeza,” noting that Starbucks Mexico selected her first single off the EP as song of the week.

“That helped so that people could get to know me,” said Ulibarri of the overall promotion of átOma. The tune deals with the subject of overwhelming media saturation, among other things.

átOma, produced by Cosmic Records, also contains the tracks “Mundo,” “Hoy,” “Despacio,” “El Sol Esta Solito,” “No Es Para Mi,” “Corro,” and a special tribute to Argentine singer Gustavo Cerati via “Canción Animal.” Most, if not all, are expected in Ulibarri’s set.

On top of Ulibarri’s performance, the night will also include complimentary tarot and astral readings, wine and pan de muerto as it honors the loved ones that have passed to a better life. 

“I’m very happy,” she said. “For me, it is a goal to mix up the scenes more with the Latin alternative.”

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