When Buckcherry disbanded a few years ago, fans of Josh Todd’s rock ’n’ roll voice were left in a state of want. But now, after much talk and a lot more waiting, Todd’s back along with the voice fans remember.

The new band is simply called Josh Todd, with music that is notably different from Buckcherry. While ’cherry’s style was more straight-ahead rock ’n’ roll, You Made Me hits heavy from the start. The songs are guitar-riff oriented with a prominent drum presence, taking Todd from Black Crowes-style rock to a more Black Sabbath-influenced sound.

Todd’s voice is as strong as ever, yet the vocal lines don’t come off as potently as when he was in Buckcherry — at least not at first. The opening track, "Mind Infection," rings of some of Todd’s past work — fast-paced and with a catchy hook. "Blast" is as heavy as it comes and, while lacking a radio-friendly hook, catches the listener with a full-bodied, head-bobbing groove.

At times it seems that Todd’s strong vocal presence is often at odds with the guitars, with each vying to control the song. The disc’s seemingly bare bones production, however, gives the songs an organic and accessible feel. Overall, You Made Me is a good debut effort from a freshman band that will likely only get better with each new album.

Grade: B