This Canadian band took a bit of a circuitous route to the U.S. marketplace; they spent the last few years securing spin time in the hottest dance clubs of Europe, racking up hits with the percussion-heavy modern disco of “Hungry for the Power” and the effervescent electro-pop of “Reckless (With Your Love),” both included on this North American debut. Now the quartet is being universally praised by music scribes and hipsters alike here, and it’s no wonder; tunes like the funky and slightly woozy “Manic” must have clubbers floating on air as even a casual listen reveals the groove’s sneaky power, causing all within earshot to fall willingly into a delightful trance. Even the outré “Manhooker,” full of odd effects and breathy female whispers, casts a hypnotic spell that you don’t see coming, and that’s the main Azari & III hallmark. These beats are a little bit complex, but the band makes everything sound effortless. When its music plays, no one will have to ask the question: “Do you wanna dance?” It’ll just come naturally.

Grade: A