The Sirens roller derby squad managed a 144-125 victory over the Varsity Brawlers to capture the 2012 Roller Derby Championship on Saturday night at the Doll Factory in Silver Lake. This was the first trip to a Championship match for the Varsity Brawlers, but the Sirens (who were undefeated) earned the thrilling win.

The Sirens, now a two-time champion, took an early lead with a 10-point power jam. Thereafter, the scoring truly went back and forth although the Sirens had a 32-17 lead after one period. Later, with a 20-point power jam, the Varsity Brawlers captured a brief edge; the Sirens regained their point-advantage soon after that as they had a 64-59 lead at halftime.

During the third period, the Varsity Brawlers kept scoring but the Sirens' coaching staff challenged some of the points scored; the Sirens saw their lead gradually grow.

At the end of three, the Sirens led 103-81. The intensity of both teams led them to a tight battle throughout the fourth period of play, but the Sirens grabbed the win, championship and trophy.

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