Due to the Expo Line coming to Santa Monica, Track 16, Robert Berman Gallery and the Santa Monica Auctions will have to say goodbye to Bergamot Station.  On Sunday, Nov. 11, Bergamot Station will be buzzing with farewell events, auctions and moving sales.

Offering countless renowned works of art for sale at unthinkable prices, the word has spread about the final Santa Monica Auctions event. Several hundred people are expected to attend this historic final auction, aptly named “The Last Goodbuy.”

A rare opportunity to bid alongside art collectors, Patty Cash, a novice at age 22 talks about her game plan.

“I went last June for the first time. It was thrilling,” she said. “This year I have already taken a peek at what’s up for auction, and I know what I want.”

You can start making art investments in art at any age, and learning the ropes early has proven to be a direct line into the world of art collecting.

“The event itself is really fun,” said Cash. “They offer free drinks and a catalogue that you can take home.  I still have it, and I’ve Googled many of the artists I didn’t know.” 

Most collectors find that art is timeless and a worthy investment.

Robert Berman, a dynamic auctioneer, has years of experience creating quite the scene, but now the tables have turned and like many of the gallery owners at Bergamot, he is scrambling. 

“Having to move is stressful for anyone,” said attendee and local resident, Steve Brenner. “Add to that, the amount of precious art that the Santa Monica Auctions has accumulated through the years -- I can only imagine the stress that Robert is under.”

He added, “The MTA keeps changing plans.”

The new deadline is Nov. 30, leaving just a matter of weeks for a final event. Another gallery, Track 16 (also being forced out of the C building), will be having a moving sale and event on the same day.

But Nov. 11 will be a great day to take advantage of discount art prices. With Track 16 also having a huge moving sale, many of the other galleries at Bergamot will be getting into the act as well. Berman believes this will be one of the highest attended auctions to date due to all the hoopla.

“There will be some amazing deals,” he said.

Renowned works by artists such as Andy Warhol, Christo, George Condo, Paul Conrad, Marilyn Minter, Robert Rauschenberg, John Register, Weegee, John Altoon and many more will be included in this year’s auction.

And there’s another highlight: Berman has agreed to donate 100 percent of the sales of two of Paul Conrad works to the to the restoration fund of the late artist’s endangered sculpture, “Chain Reaction.”

Gallery C2 in Bergamot Station Arts Center is currently housing a preview of the auction.

The Santa Monica Auctions final event takes place on Sunday, Nov. 11th at 12:00 p.m. The farewell event will be held at Bergamot Station, 2525 Michigan Ave (C-2) in Santa Monica.