Untitled Document The first sound you hear on Non-Stop is an instrument mimicking a siren. But there’s no need to duck-and-cover. We Are Wolves live up to its name, bringing forth a feral sound full of tribal rhythm, frenetic keyboard squeals and wild-man vocals. That means, the lyrics don’t need lots of interpretation; forget ‘em and just shake and shimmy along to "Little Birds" with its simple chorus of "Oh baby baby, I ain’t no little bird!"

The freewheeling attitude of We Are Wolves will draw lots of comparisons to the B-52s, with hints of the White Stripes mashed up with old-school glam-rocker Gary Glitter. The Canadian trio manages to rattle the rafters without the benefit of guitar; working with just bass, drums and keys. If you want to be leader of the pack, start running with these wolves now.

Grade: A