Untitled Document Old-school punk rockers get sentimental when they hear Face to Face. In its 12-year lifespan, the band has touched the lives of many punk fans with six thought-provoking albums and started careers for many along the way. The influence that Face to Face has is cataloged on its new album Shoot The Moon: The Essential Collection.

Since the band’s farewell tour ended in 2004, frontman Trever Keith has been busy preserving the best of the band in a 19-song album. The songs he chose read like a Face to Face popularity contest and include the mainstream 1994 hit, "Disconnected," and "Don’t Turn Away."

Just because die-hard fans may already have every song on separate albums, it’s worth picking up for the two unreleased tracks and re-mastered songs. And, thanks to an accompanying 28-page booklet, punk rock newbies can catch up on the years of punk rock service they’ve missed out on through rare photos and liner notes.

Grade: A-