Coming in late November on truTV is a show that is different from any other singing competition (“American Idol,” “The Voice” and “The X Factor”) on television right now. 

“Killer Karaoke” challenges six contestants per episode to sing a hit song while they are put through unimaginable physical obstacles. 

The challenges are skin crawling, hilarious and unexpected. For example, in the first challenge a woman is hoisted up in a swing and dunked into freezing, ice-cold water while singing, “Take on Me.” All of a sudden, the tank is filled snakes and small, baby alligators. Screaming, singing and laughing, she is dunked repeatedly in the tank.

Other challenges include trying to sing while fending off a dog attack, sticking your head in a container with a wild animal and singing while getting shocked repeatedly.

If this were a just a regular karaoke show, most of the contestants would stand a chance winning since most of them have vocals that range from decent to good. However, these challenges make karaoke-ing even more funny and embarrassing.  

Campus Circle got to speak with the “Killer Karaoke” host, who is none other than funny-man Steve-O. The former “Jackass” star turns out to be the perfect fit as the host for this extreme singing competition.

“I think [‘Killer Karaoke’] was looking for me for this show,” he said.  “Being a Jackass-turned stand-up, I was a pretty good fit.  All the ridiculous challenges and my ‘Jackass’ history give me some credibility.”

Once contestants get past the first challenge, they will then face-off while standing and singing on an enormous record player, which spins faster and faster as the centrifugal force hurtles them one by one off to the side. The audience will then have the opportunity to help decide who takes home the $10,000 cash prize.

“The show pushes people to their limits,” said Steve-O.  “I was happy to just observe and not do these challenges.”

Before every challenge, Steve-O does try to reassure the contestants.

“I can put people at ease with horrible things happening to them,” he said.

For example, Steve-O said to a contestant in an attempt to try to calm him down, “I would never do anything to you that was worse than things I’ve done to myself.”

However, the contestant responded with, “That does not set me at ease at all.”

What some people might not know about Steve-O is that he’s a 100 percent vegan. Yet, the show also includes challenges with animals (snakes, alligator, dogs, mice, etc.).

“I’m an animal activist…and on ‘Killer Karaoke,’ it’s pretty funny stuff,” said Steve-O.  “I had to concede that it’s a more entertaining show with the animals and not cruel.  I’m conflicted, but I do recognize that it’s a more entertaining show with the animals.”

And entertaining it is.  Viewers can expect to laugh, cringe or even scream out loud along with the contestants as they’re faced with challenges that we would never consider doing…unless, of course there’s a $10,000 prize at the end.

“I’m super excited about ‘Killer Karaoke’ and it’s a f****** blast,” said Steve-O.  “I’m grateful I get to work in the capacity as comedian host.” 

“Killer Karaoke” is slated to premier Friday, Nov. 23 at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) on truTV.