Untitled Document Trix are for kids, but Barbies are for everybody. Women love to dress like them – and men love to gawk at ladies that resemble the dolls known for their slim waists and trendy fashion sense. This is exactly why Judy Ragagli’s oil paintings at Raena’s gift shop and art gallery in West Hollywood are a huge hit. Barbie has a style that makes people smile, and it doesn’t hurt that her fashion team at Mattel, Inc. recently updated her image to reflect the finest couture of Paris.

"Barbie’s image and wardrobe provide a chronological narration of … the current trends of each era," Ragagli explains of how the doll’s changing identities in her paintings mirror the fashions and attitudes of American society. And just like some of the hottest Hollywood celebrities that society loves to adore, Barbie always has coordinating accessories that personalize her style. The fine details Ragagli adds to design the perfect outfit become some of the greatest highlights of her creations.

In "Silken Flame," you can find Barbie standing poolside in high-heels with a sparkling gold handbag and matching belt. "Winter Elegance" features the classy damsel in a form-fitting satin tube dress, while Ragagli’s choice of a mink coat rounds out the evening wear by complementing the doll’s signature curvy figure. She brings out the fur again for "Barbie in Hollywood," this time sporting a mink hat coupled with high-fashion gloves, matching lipstick and a necklace that appears to be nothing less than pure pearl.

Decorating with a painting from the Nostalgic Barbie collection is one way to show visitors a piece of your life story you may never want to forget. Remember that time you got all dressed up and looked absolutely fabulous (or at least you thought you did)? These elegant oil paintings can represent your inner-passion for the finer things in life 365 days a year. Mattel, Inc. has reported over $1 billion in its 2005 sales, showing there is still more than one reason people love their Barbie dolls.

For those who don’t get the pleasure of stopping into Raena (a cozy boutique and art gallery that sells gifts and home furnishings including bamboo curtains and their famous pillar candles that come in sizes up to four feet tall), simply e-mail Ragagli and the original or re-printed painting of your choice will be shipped straight to your home. But, keep in mind, you may have to race past a few celebs like Paris Hilton (surprise!) to get your hands on these limited edition pictures – Judy Ragagli was happy to announce the young hotel heiress bought seven paintings from the Nostalgic Barbie collection just last month.

All paintings are available in three sizes with a choice between fine quality paper or hand stretched canvas. Prices range from $125-$525. For more information, call (323) 951-0663 or visit www.judyragagli.com.