Number A is as unique as its name.

Located on 2nd and Central in Little Tokyo, this clothing boutique is not the typical vintage or hipster shop one will most likely find in the surrounding area. Instead, Number A boasts an impressive selection of brands that are hard to find in the United States, let alone in Los Angeles.

“Our store stands out based on the brands that we have,” said owner Alana Vormehr. “We have a lot of international brands. And we also always try to have one brand that is not available in the U.S.”

Unlike the vintage boutiques and the famous American Apparel store in Little Tokyo, Number A prides itself on serving Angelenos with clothing rarities from other countries. Women’s skinny jeans and boots from Swedish brand Cheap Monday, playsuits and bodycon skirts from Australia’s Finders Keepers, and even men’s clothing from United Kingdom’s Topman (the male version of the ever popular brand Topshop) can all be found in this little flagship that’s right next to Subway. Shoppers can even find pieces from New Zealand and Finland. 

And not only does the shop carry these rare international brands; it sells items that will make any woman (or man) look as if they stepped out of the latest fashion magazines.

“Our clothing is fashion forward,” said Vormehr.  “We have something for everybody, but we try to stay with what’s trendy, and we try to stay ahead of the curve.”

For instance, girly and slimming bodysuits and jumpers, edgy studded shorts and stylish hand chains are available online and in the store.

Besides the clothes and accessories, the name itself makes Number A stand out from all other boutiques and stores that litter Little Tokyo. So, how did Vormehr and her husband come up with the name?

“We wanted something that was a little different,” she said. “We wanted something that was old fashioned…like Chanel No. 5, but we wanted to make it more modern.”

Number A does not solely belong to Vormehr; she and her husband (Nate, who happens to also be a fashion designer that works closely with denim and outerwear as well as being a Number A co-owner) teamed up and thought of the idea to open the store three years ago in October 2009.

“I opened the store with my husband,” she said. “We were both already in the fashion business, and we decided to open a store.”

Since its inception, the store has gained success in attracting a good mix of male and female buyers with a ratio of about 60 percent women and 40 percent men, according to Vormehr. She also stated that being conveniently located in downtown Los Angeles/Little Tokyo has helped Number A attract the college market.

“We get a lot of students,” said Vormehr.  “We’re close to USC and FIDM.”

She added, “We also get a lot of tourists that come by to visit Little Tokyo.”
Well, it’s certain that whoever shops at Number A will end up leaving with the trendiest, hippest clothes and accessories from the number one global brands.  Without a doubt, this is not a store you’d want to pass up.

Number A is located at 374 E. 2nd Street in Los Angeles. For more information, visit or call 213-626-6155