There's nothing more annoying than soggy cereals in the morning. Also, think about the mess you have to deal with after throwing away those wet, damp cereal parts.

Thanks to the Obol, you can now stay crispy as long as you want.

Obol (“The Original Crispy Bowl”) is a specially designed bowl that is almost separated in half. As you can see in the picture, the bowl has two parts and a spiral curve that connects the parts. Another unique thing is that this is designed for your hands! You can hold the bowl with the grip area instead of awkwardly holding a slippery wet bowl.

With Obol, you can keep your cereals' crispiness forever and enjoy it at your own pace. Pour milk on one side, cereal bit on the other and slide some down the curve.

Another great thing about this bowl is that it's not only for eating cereal. The combinations are endless; you can enjoy soup and crackers, yogurt and fruit, milk and cookies, spaghetti and tomato sauce, chili and chips - even curry and rice.

Featured on various news outlets such as ABC 7 Chicago, CBS Sacramento and The Huffington Post, the Obol is also safe. You can put it in dishwashers or microwaves. Also, its wide base prevents spills, allowing you to place it almost anywhere as you’re doing homework, folding laundry or surfing the Internet. 

Just keep in mind that whenever you use it with acidic foods such as spaghetti sauce, don't forget to wash it immediately with detergent so you can keep the bowl's pretty color without any stains.

Obol is available in white, green, orange, red, blue and pink. At Brookstone, it also comes out in lime and tangerine. One might think $20 for a bowl (at Brookstone its 2 for $29.99) is a bit pricy, but you'll be amazed by how often you end up using this bowl.

For more information, visit (not .com) or call 855-TRY-OBOL