“I threw your s*** into a bag and pushed it down the stars,” shouts Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt, the Swedish club darlings behind electric pop group Icona Pop. Nothing perfectly captures the wildly reckless, devil-may-care spirit of getting over a painful break on the dance floor quite like this club banger, “I Love It.”

The ladies insist they met on a Saturday night in 2009 and by Monday, when the hangovers cleared up, of course, formed a band that would make the fellas shake in their boots and girls, well, unleash their inner man-eater.

Fueled by rapid electro beats pounding away faster than flashing LED lights at a nightclub, their EP The Iconic is the quintessential soundtrack to jump-starting the weekend at a new hot spot.

If stomping on your ex along to aggressive dance melodies isn’t your thing, consider the self-explanatory “Ready For The Weekend,” which starts off with a peaceful church choir, followed by explosive helium vocals.

While the digital Jamaican dancehall rhythm in “Good For You” features too simplistic lyrics a la “You love my love, you’re never gonna find better love” (does fellow Swedes Ace of Base ring a bell, ‘90s kids?), the twosome smeared with last night’s makeup and self-created couture makes up for it in “Manners,” a robotic, shout-along single that’s slows down, yes, but is undoubtedly infectious and more refreshing than a Cape Cod after breaking a sweat on the dance floor.

Icona Pop’s sound may be a wee bit chaotic for some, but those seeking relief from bubblegum radio play will find salvation for the night or two in their EP. The ladies know how to party rock better than the guys, and we couldn’t be more thankful.

Grade: B+