Madonna’s manager believes there is just one moment in life when the eye, the mind and the heart combine: when you click a shutter-release button on a camera.

Guy Oseary, who has worked with Madonna for more than two decades, started capturing memorable scenes and ultimately created an online gallery in 2010. It’s a groundbreaking business called Rock Paper Photo.

Rock Paper Photo’s photographs range widely from abstract icons to concrete archives and cover diverse subjects such as old and new music icons, the Hip Hop movement, early New York and 1970s European style photos. This online photo gallery strives to record traces the cultural history of the last century and the leading personalities. Jody Britt, the creative director, clarified the mission of Rock Paper Photo as bringing the hidden photographs to light.

“Guy Oseary, who was a collector of prints related to pop culture, decided he wanted to create this gallery, an online gallery, because he thought there were a lot of photographers’ works that haven’t been seen,” said Britt. “He wanted to bring those works to light and get recognitions. So, we have become known as bringing out many previously unseen works from really great photographers as well as bringing in different genres. Not necessarily just classic rock, but all genres of music in all eras.”

Rock Paper Photo serves to preserve great moments with photographers’ attitudes, the soul and the mind so that people can remember locations, settings and timeframes of memorable events. The finished piece has a story, but the interpretations are left to the audience; present memories of sharing the photographs complete the past.

Protecting one-of-a-kind photographs and the fine art museum, quality limited edition prints are other reasons why Oseary started this business. Oseary’s passion for exceptional images and need for comprehensive space to look at great photographs inspired Live Nation to be a part of the team. Live Nation, which is a live-events company that focuses on concert promotion, also had the idea of organizing a scope for fans to connect with their favorite artists. Britt emphasized how Live Nation and Rock Paper Photo benefited each other when they launched this venture.

“Live Nation was very enthusiastic about products that they have associated with Rock Paper Photos. They were very supportive. We don’t do any licensing or merchandising, so it’s completely different from what they do on merit,” said Britt. “After the launch, we have events that show what we partnered with other brands to get recognitions.”

Rock Paper Photo even held the global tour of Madonna pictures to sell their works and bring unseen works to the public in New Mexico.

People who are enthusiastic about music or theatre and who are photography collectors are fans of this new business. Since Rock Paper Photo carries a broad range of genres and years, there are newer and younger buyers that are first-time fine art print buyers. Future consumers can refer to helpful fine art buyer’s guide, including fine art print production processes and points when handling the photos on Rock Paper Photo’s website.

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