The All-Star squad Los Angeles Ri-ettes battled the visiting Denver Roller Dolls Saturday night at the Derby Doll Factory. It was very entertaining, to say the least. L.A. came out with the victory.

Founded in 2003, the L.A. Derby Dolls ( are Southern California’s premiere women’s banked-track, quad-skating, roller derby league. Within the league, four fierce teams battle for dominance: Fight Crew, Sirens, Tough Cookies and Varsity Brawlers.

The L.A. Ri-Ettes are L.A. Derby Doll’s all-star team that competes on a national level against the best of the best in the country. While their uniforms may be stylish and their names playful, do not be fooled by appearances – the L.A. Derby Dolls are athletes who skate a sport that is unscripted and real. 

The L.A. Derby Dolls are one of only thirteen leagues in the U.S. playing roller derby on a banked track. Like most modern female roller derby leagues, the Derby Dolls are volunteer-run and give back to the community that has embraced them. The league also operates the Junior Derby Dolls for girls ages 8-17.

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