Celebrate the holiday season with your significant other by trying any of these cute date ideas.

Ice Skating
There are unending flirting opportunities when you’re taking a slide on the ice! And it’s even better if one of you is not that good at ice-skating or hasn’t skated since you were in elementary school. Also, this is the perfect date idea for a first date. Think about it: How often do you get to hold your date’s hand on a first date without coming off as too pushy or aggressive? And you can even go on a second date to “improve your skating skills.”

Look for Houses With Crazy Holiday Decorations
In L.A., there are some neighborhoods that go all out with Christmas lighting and decorations during the holidays, including Los Feliz, Bel-Air, Hancock Park and more. Pick one and plan a night out looking at all the beautifully decorated houses and mansions. Make sure you bring some hot chocolate, snacks or a blanket so you and your date can have an exciting yet comfortable time cruising the streets.

Go to an Amusement Park
Many parks in SoCal get really into the holiday spirit. Knott’s Berry Farm has Christmas entertainment and a Christmas Crafts Village in Ghost Town where you and your date can walk around the holiday wonderland listening to carolers. Universal Studios City Walk has magical snowfall every half hour and a holiday show with lights and music. And of course, there’s Disneyland. Nothing is quite as romantic as kissing under beautiful, twinkling fireworks as they burst above the Sleeping Beauty Castle while holiday songs play in the background.

Holiday Baking
Almost everyone loves baked goods, so why not bake together? Build a messy gingerbread house or decorate Christmas tree cookies. Like any other good dates idea, baking is an activity that requires cooperation between two people. You can even find a cake-baking studio like Duff’s Cakemix on Melrose Avenue where you and your date can come in to decorate cakes and cupcakes (think Color Me Mine but with desserts). Don’t worry even if your baking ends up being a complete disaster; you two will have created a beautiful memory that both of you can look back upon and laugh.

Go to a Sporting Event
Right now is basketball and football season. Provided that your date is a huge sports fan (like most guys are), he might adore the idea of catching a Lakers, Clippers or college football bowl game (it’s bowl time!). This could be a wonderful surprise for him. Note to those girls not really into watching sports: Spending time doing what he loves will score you major points.

Attend a Holiday Party
Inviting your date to a friend’s party will almost always guarantee a good time. But, it would be even more impressive if you hosted a party and invited your friends and date! By hosting a party, you can show your date how generous, organized and sociable you are. On top of that, you can connect your date and your friends, which allows those two important worlds of yours to finally merge.