One of the reasons why December is more fun than the other months is because of the holidays; you’re guaranteed festive celebrations and parties. So, it’s important that you wear your most glamorous and stylish attire to help you grab the spotlight at any social gathering.

As a fashion lover, it has always been natural for me to follow fashion trends and come up with outfit ideas. However, many people are not fond of throwing an outfit together for a party (some even find it stressful). Don’t worry - the following guide is an early Christmas present from us to you and will guarantee that you’ll have the hottest outfit at any holiday soiree this month!

1. Find a Faux Fur Jacket (or any fluffy jacket)
Spotted on a lot of celebrities and models strutting down the runway, the faux fur (or fluffy) jacket is the best choice for those outdoor parties. I love how they can be paired with anything, and they have the ability to magically glam up or add a style to any ordinary outfit in the snap of a finger – it really is endlessly versatile. The only rule is to wear something simple, trim and body-hugging as the rest of your outfit, since the fluffiness of the jacket tends to make you look bulkier than you actually are. Depending on what you pair it with, the faux fur or fluffy jacket could be appropriate for various outdoors holiday parties, from a low-key cocktail gathering, a huge church party or a countdown fireworks celebration, to a backyard barbeque hangout or sorority kickback.

2. Don’t be Afraid to Sparkle
Whenever I come across a sparkly clothing item, there’s one word that comes to mind: glamorous! Holiday parties are one of those events that allow you to be as glamorous as you want without people throwing weird or curious looks at you. So, bring out your inner diva by rocking a sparkly clothing item: Try wearing a sequin mini dress or glittery pants. You can balance out the sparkles by throwing on something in a deep solid color, and never wear more than one sparkly clothing item at the same time (unless you don’t mind being mistaken as a Las Vegas showgirl). If you want to keep a low profile, wearing solid color clothing with sparkly jewelry will help you achieve that glamorous look, too.

3. Attempt Color Blocking
Color blocking has been thriving in the fashion world all year long, and there’s no reason to not carry this trend in your holiday wardrobe. Get your creative juices flowing, and mix n’ match items of contrasting colors. For example, pair a coral top with a hot pink skirt or a one-shouldered royal blue top tucked into coral pants. The possibilities with these combinations are endless. If you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to do all this work, (pre-made) color-blocked dresses are a great choice for you. Simply slip the dress on, and you’re ready to break out and have fun! Applying this color blocking technique to your outfit will definitely capture a lot of attention.

4. Wear Red
Not only is red festive and playful, but this color also helps you look and feel like a million bucks. You can incorporate this chic and elegant color into your outfit in many ways. Sport a red dress, red top, red pants or any other red main clothing items. Or you can even just showcase a hint of red on your eyelids, lips or nails. There will be a thick aura of Christmas encircling you.

5. Invest in a LBD (little black dress)
This is the safest choice among all the other outfit ideas, which makes it appropriate for office parties or more formal parties. It’s very hard to go wrong with a LBD. Don’t forget to wear leggings/stockings, especially if your dress is strapless or short. You can even stack one pair of leggings on top of another one for those extra windy and chilly days. One suggestion is to wear a thick solid black pair underneath with a pattern on top of it. Also, make sure that you glam up a plain black dress with jewelry (earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets) so your look doesn’t come off as boring.

6. One Last Thing…
To amp up the holiday spirit in any look (and for the practical reason of staying warm), surround your neck with a bright, colorful, “Christmasy” scarf. For example, try a scarf in green/red or one that has reindeers/Santa Clause/snowman or any other patterns along those lines. Note: The circle scarf, which is a big hit this season, can add volume and works wonders on any outfit.