There is a new line of backpacks called SQUID Packs that you should know about before purchasing a school bag for yourself, family member or friend.

SQUID Packs have the durability and volume capacity of other popular backpack brands. But what separates this backpack from others is that you can customize your SQUID Pack to match your own personal style. Choose one of seven colored bags and one of 10 colored straps. Pick colors that show your school spirit or your pride for your favorite sports team. It’s a nice way to know that your backpack is unique and recognizable amongst a sea of boring black JanSports.

The SQUID Pack also sets itself apart from other backpacks with its patented silicone straps. These straps are extremely comfortable, and they also have a no-slip grip. Never again will you find your backpack hanging on to your body for dear life as you rush to class. The silicone grip effectively remains in place while you are sprinting, walking with a purpose or even skipping to your lecture. Plus, the SQUID Pack has a high quality zipper, so you won’t have to worry about your laptop falling out and crashing to the floor.

The SQUID Pack is also a great way for students to stay organized. It has a small front pocket with compartments for your pencils, wallet and other necessities. Inside the main pocket, there's a small compartment where you can put your phone or MP3 player and attach your headphones to listen to music while you walk.

Wherever you go, the SQUID Pack should go with you: It’s comfortable, durable and custom-made to fit your style.

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