Declare 2013 your year to make some changes. If you’re a college student, then you can’t go wrong with any of these New Year’s resolutions below. Sure, some of them might seem hard, but a resolution is not supposed to be easy, right? Challenge yourself and say:

“My 2013 New Year’s resolution is to…

Decrease My Alcohol Intake. Seriously.
I know what you’re thinking: It sounds impossible, right? But the truth is studying should really be the No. 1 priority for college students, especially for those who are planning on going to graduate school, medical school, law school, whatever. And your health is an equal priority. Take the schoolwork and your health seriously, and see if you can focus more on studying rather than partying. I’m not saying give up drinking indefinitely (that’s horrible!); but instead of partying on “the Row” on Thursday, hitting the bars on Friday and then tailgating early on Saturday morning, limit your alcohol intake to only one night a week. See how much better you feel physically and mentally. 

Practice More Safe Sex
For your health (and the health of others), make a resolution to practice safe sex in 2013, including oral sex. The prevalence of STDs among college students is outrageous. No one wants to catch herpes, gonorrhea, Chlamydia or HIV. STDs are painful, embarrassing and dangerous. And I doubt many students want to replace frat parties and football games with changing a baby’s diapers and babysitting because of an unplanned pregnancy (just sayin’). Save yourself the trouble, and check out your campus’ health center for contraception and protection. Many colleges offer free condoms at their health centers, and resident advisors sometimes have some to give to students who live in campus housing.

Replace Casual Sex With Meaningful Sex
It’s no secret that many college students have one-night stands, “hook-ups,” etc. If you’re one of those students, don’t feel ashamed; it’s your sex life and personal business.  However, this upcoming year, try to limit your sexual encounters with only guys and/or girls you trust and have a serious connection with. Your self-esteem might increase, you decrease your chances of catching an STD, and who knows? You might find yourself in a real, fulfilling relationship.

Have A Real Breakfast Every Morning
Having breakfast every morning, whether it’s a bowl of cereal, a bagel, toast, pancakes, etc., is important. Without fuel in your tank, how are you supposed to survive a long day of classes followed by a long night of partying? College students are always on the go, which is why it’s even more important that you make sure you eat something before you start your day. And don’t just grab a banana or tiny cereal bar – eat something with substance!

Exercise at Least 3 Times a Week
College students have a tendency to gain weight during those four long years. This is thanks to a poor diet, a heavy consumption of alcohol and less time to work out. Make a resolution to keep in shape by hitting the gym, running on the track, jogging through campus, taking a spinning class or any type of exercise program a few times a week. If you gained the dreaded “Freshman 15" (or even the Sophomore, Junior or Senior 15), 2013 is your chance to unwind all of that damage.

Staff Off Facebook And My Cell Phone During Lectures
Have you ever been in a boring class where the professor is basically just reading from a PowerPoint slide the whole time? If you have, I bet you’ve been forced to dig out your cell phone, check your newsfeed on Facebook or start a conversation with someone on Google Chat just to make the time go by faster. However, I’ve experience many times where I’ve missed something important in class because I was on my cell or Facebook - I paid the price for it later. So, at the beginning of this upcoming spring semester, practice paying attention and resist the urge to distract yourself with your gadgets. See if you will be able to take better notes and score higher on exams.

Set A Financial Goal
College is the perfect time to start practicing your money-saving techniques, because once the real world hits you, it’s a rude awakening. One of your resolutions could be to take a portion of your paycheck or allowance from your parents (if you still get one) every month, and put it into your savings. Set a concrete goal, and use a trip to Cabo next spring break or buying a new car after graduation as your motivation to stop wasting your money on eating out, alcohol, clothes, etc. You’ll be surprised with how much money you end up saving in a year.

Make A Move On My College Crush
As the last one on the list, this is the scariest New Year’s resolution. Why? Because nobody likes rejection. However, if you’re an upperclassman, time is running out to compliment that cute guy or girl in your PSYC class. You don’t want to look back on your college years and think, “I wish I would’ve told [enter crush’s name here] that I liked [him or her].” If you get rejected, who cares? After you graduate, you’ll never have to see that person again. Your college years are the time to build your self-esteem, boost your confidence, experience dating and take chances. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to tell the person you like that you like him or her.