Karrie Ross does it all. She is a painter, a fine artist, a graphic artist and more. Her days are filled with an eclectic mix of art.

“Even in the design work I do…[like] the photo-blending-illustrations I create for book covers, are enhanced by my fine art background,” said Ross.

Ross is a book designer and works with self-publishing authors. Each day they communicate via the phone. In between phone meetings, she paints.

Many things have inspired her to paint; however, a pivotal point in her life changed her focus quite a bit. After being in a car accident, the healing process led her to an interest in how the body heals and generates energy. This opened up new experiences, such as exploring meditation, learning Satnam Rasayan energy healing, feng shui and other forms of creating energy vibrations.

Ross' Drop Dot series, which is a series of beautiful abstract flower paintings on canvas, explores energy vibrations and healing.

"My work reflects these modalities,” said Ross. “As I begin to paint, the imagery, color, medium and process are applied with the main intention of implanting a vibration of calm and healing into my paintings.”

She added, “My paintings have three layers: background, mid-ground and foreground. The mid-ground for this series is the energy blooms, a splatter of paint that seems to be dancing. It creates a rise and a movement of energy. I paint with the purpose to create a reaction, a vibration.”

Ross said that the foreground is a lighter subject.

“You see the interaction between the blooms and the dot-flower, their conversation,” she said. “The dot-flowers give you something to look at that is whimsical. Healing occurs as energy levels are stimulated, usually when people are happily distracted.”

When asked when a painting is complete, she replied, “The painting is done when the conversation or vision is complete. Once the bulk of the image is painted or drawn, I sit and look at it for hours and add a little here and a little there. And eventually we, it and I, stop – a calm of acceptance occurs.”

Many artists despair when they don’t like what they are working on, but Ross uses the discord to propel her forward. If 20 to 40 percent doesn’t work, she takes the time to work on it. If that doesn’t work, she’ll paint over it.

“When I paint over a painting, it’s not a problem,” said Ross. “I can use the texture from one to help transform another.”

Karrie Ross is part of a group show that runs from Friday, Jan. 11 to Wednesday, Jan. 23  from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at haleARTS S P A C E, located at 2443 Main Street in Santa Monica. She will show several pieces from her Energy Blooms/Drop Dot series.