Untitled Document If you’ve ever dabbled in voodoo (hey, who hasn’t?) you know what gris gris refers to. It is a very potent and fast acting bit of magic; it's tough stuff not to be trifled with. The band the Gris Gris know that it’s all really just a head game, and For the Season provides ample opportunity to peek into the dimly lit netherworld of your own bad self.

Focus on the drumbeat (or is that your heartbeat?) during "Year Zero" and ride the keyboards and crashing cymbals to the fork in the road. Which way is scary and which way is serene?

The Gris Gris have a sound that easily fills up your head, but never so much so that it spills out. It’s like they’ve provided psychedelic clay for the listener to squish and pull and twirl. Fans of ’60s garage-psych will find the Gris Gris fun to play with.