Sean Rad and Justin Mateen are not only fashionable and creative visionaries, but they’re also passionate about their technological invention: Tinder.

Tinder is a relatively new dating app that is now only available for iPhone users (however, an app for Android lovers is coming soon). Tinder’s intuitive technology aims to bring a new meaning to dating apps as well as dating in general.

“With Tinder, we aim to not just redefine dating apps but dating as a whole,” said Mateen, who serves as the chief marketing officer. “Our world today is very mobile-centric. Everyone’s on their phones everywhere they go. That’s how they interact with the world around them.”

But what did Rad and Mateen have in mind exactly?

“We wanted to create a dating experience where people can connect with each other using the phone, which in a way emulates real life,” said Mateen.

Rad and Mateen classify Tinder as a simple, yet elegant way for users to approach other users to meet in person. Ultimately, it is a mobile app that allows you to break the ice and find a partner locally nearby that you might like and/or feel attracted to. According to both Rad and Mateen, everything is anonymous until “someone you like, likes you back.” That’s when the real fun begins.

Tinder can be downloaded from an iPhone app store or at Once a user has opened an account, essentially what Tinder performs for each and every person could vary.

According to Rad, who is the CEO, Tinder is growing rapidly, particularly throughout colleges.

“Tinder is growing in college campuses mainly because we’ve created an experience that’s not creepy – when compared to other dating alternatives,” said Rad. He mentioned that many students from the University of Southern California (USC) and University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) are among the everyday users of Tinder. Many of the students are in fraternities and sororities.

“We never expected them to use the app so much,” said Rad.

As of now, it is unknown exactly how many of people currently use Tinder. Mateen generously uttered generalities about the matter when asked about it.

“We cannot announce that, but it’s a lot,” said Mateen. In early December 2012, he said, “Every two weeks, we are doubling our user list. Also, we’ve created over 450,000 matches. We’re also averaging over a million profile ratings per day.” However, these numbers have increased. Tinder now averages more than 10 million image ratings a day, and they've created more than 1.5 million matches total. 

There are other mobile dating apps in the current market place – Grindr, Skout and eHarmony, for example – but there is no app quite like Tinder. According to Rad, Tinder is one of a kind and very different from the current apps out there.

“We created Tinder because we saw that there wasn’t an effective way for people to meet each other nearby,” said Rad. “There’s not really any competition because no one else is doing what we’re doing, but there’s a lot of other dating apps that have a different approach to dating. The only competition would be a friend of yours introducing you directly to other friends. What we’re doing is very fresh, very new.” 

Rad and Mateen formulated the idea to create Tinder while in college at USC. Gradually, they began to recruit people to help them develop it.

“It happened when I broke up with my girlfriend,” said Rad. “Another co-founder also had recently broken up with his girlfriend, so we were playing around with different apps. It was then that we noticed that thus far, the whole [dating] experience was flawed – whether it’s in person or through apps.”

The end result of that became known as Tinder, which is more of an enhancement in your daily life to help you meet people, according to Mateen.

“We’re trying to make your daily life and the way you would naturally meet people easier,” he added. “Also, you’re in control of what happens and where things go.”

Tinder is literally just a click away. Just about anyone can use Tinder effectively and efficiently, and it doesn’t discriminate in terms of race, age, physique or sex; it’s there to help all types of people.

“Tinder saves you time and does a lot of work for you to help you find someone to talk to. There’s nothing to lose by using Tinder,” said Rad. “Lots of people are using it. There’s no commitment. There’s no work involved in using it. It’s all anonymous and safe; it’s all positive reinforcement.”

He added, “You never know when someone doesn’t like you. You only know when you mutually like each other. Everyone will probably be surprised about the amount of people in their area that they have things in common with and the quality of those people. The app works. I would just encourage people to download the app and try it.”

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