Find Fresh, Seasonal Dishes at The Churchill
The macro sprout (giant Brussels sprout) is roasted and topped with toasted sunflower seeds.
(Credit: Nicki Spencer )

With its unique menu items, welcoming atmosphere and hipster-chic clientele, The Churchill is a great place to grab a bite and have a few drinks with friends.

When you walk into this restaurant located on West Third Street, one of the many kind staff members will greet you and lead you into the rustic interior, where dim bulbs and candles warmly light up the space. It is the perfect setting for the delicious American-style gourmet cuisine that awaits your growling stomach.

When asked about his approach to cooking, the executive chef of The Churchill, Bruce Kalman, said, “The way I think about food is it should be a balance on your palate.”

To create this balance, Kalman combines natural flavors and ingredients that are unconventional, yet complementary. His flavor combinations are so out of the ordinary and well choreographed that he does not have to drench the food in elaborate sauces or spices like so many restaurants often do.

For instance, one dish at The Churchill features beets, blood oranges, olives and a crispy goat cheese ball. The blood oranges’ natural, citrus flavor and the olives’ saltiness help balance out the beets’ sweetness. Thus, this dish successfully embodies the “balance on your palate” cooking credo that chef Kalman promotes.

The best way to start your meal at The Churchill is with one of the items listed under the “Shared” portion of the menu. It is there where you will find dishes that perfectly awaken your taste buds and prepare your palate for the rest of the meal. One great dish that does just that is the persimmons and burrata, which includes prosciutto di parma, arugula and aged balsamic vinegar. The prosciutto is crispy and salty, which tastes excellent with the sweet cinnamon flavor of the persimmons. Not to mention, the burrata cheese is so fresh and creamy that you’ll want to eat a whole pound of it.

Speaking of freshness, the seasonal ingredients are another reason why the food at The Churchill is so appetizing. Everything on the menu is local because Kalman gets his ingredients from the farmers markets in the area. Some of the cured meats on the menu, such as the house pancetta, are even made on the restaurant’s premises. It is this attention to his surroundings and California’s farms that keeps the menu at The Churchill so lively and intriguing.

One dish Kalman created a few weeks ago was a giant Brussels sprout that was about the same size of a human hand. He got the macro Brussels sprout from Weiser Family Farms, which provides fresh produce to some of L.A.’s other top restaurants (Spago, Church and State Bistro). So, how does one go about cooking such a large sprout? Kalman slow-roasted it and sprinkled sunflower seeds on top. It was extremely tender and had a delightfully smoky sweet flavor.

If you go to The Churchill with a big appetite, you must order the 10-hour beef short rib. It is so tender and juicy that you can pull it apart with a fork. They serve it in a small pot filled with savory juices, braised apples and carrots.

Other popular items on the menu include the wood fire pizzas like the Toscano, which is topped with black kale, delicata squash, Drake Farms goat feta and a farm egg. Also try their take on more common dishes like the Margherita pizza, the grass fed burger and pork meatballs.

While the food at The Churchill is exceptional, some people go to this hip gastropub to also drink its tasty signature cocktails. Try the Iron Mule, a more refreshing version of a Moscow Mule that has real ginger instead of ginger beer. Or, if you like something with a bit more spice, try the Bulldog, which has Milagro Blanco tequila, passion, pineapple, lime and Serrano peppers for that extra “kick.” Though this drink sounds overwhelming, the combination of the tangy lime and spicy Serrano creates a fun, memorable cocktail. Whatever you order on the cocktail menu, it will definitely serve as a distinctive way to deviate from your boring vodka soda or jack n’ coke.

Overall, The Churchill is a fantastic place to share a bite with an old friend or grab drinks with a group after a long day of classes or work.

The Churchill is located at 8384 W. Third Street in Los Angeles. For more information, call (323) 655-8384 or visit