Untitled Document This is the first release from the Whiskey Daredevils, so it isn’t really a "greatest hits" package, at least not yet. But if ever there was a soundtrack to go mailbox smashing to, this is it.

Greg Miller has a quality to his singing that gives every word an illicit overtone; a lovable naughtiness that one can’t help but cheer on whether the boys are cruising with a sixer and some herb ("Mickey’s Bigmouth") or gambling with the Almighty ("Jesus Walks Beside Me").

Whiskey Daredevils rock like the Supersuckers or the Reverend Horton Heat but top both bands in the humor category. Whereas the Rev likes to sing about hot rods, the ’Devils have tongue firmly in cheek singing the praises of the "AMC Hornet." And if good rural fun like cow tipping isn’t your thing, you’ll find the Whiskey Daredevils great company on the dance floor, too.