There’s nothing but pure harmony in the writing, recording and production of He’s My Brother She’s My Sister’s new record, Nobody Dances In This Town.

The group’s debut album is a 21st century romp-stomp-bangout. You’ll want to light the fires and tap your toes to songs like “Let's Go,” “Tales That I Tell” and “Wake Your Heart.” These three will make you hit the repeat button as they send a rush through your ears down to your spine with their nifty beats and entangling melodies.

Overall, the record is very catchy and upbeat. It offers a warm, welcoming experience for anyone who’d like to get a taste of what these Los Angeles natives have been brewing under the moon.

Nobody Dances In This Town twists up the old classic sounds of rock and folk music, injecting them with fusions of cirque rock, cabaret blues, glam and desert pop. For anyone looking for a cure from overexposure to Top 40 radio waves, the record is like a crazy-good homemade bowl of chicken soup for a music lover's soul.

Grade: A