How many times have you gazed at a piece of clothing in a fashion magazine and fantasized that you will look as stunning as the model showcasing it? As much as we might like to think that we can look as good as that model, the harsh reality hits when we finally try on that outfit and realize it does not have the same effect on us as it does on the model.

Girls who run into these kinds of problems tend to be doing a lousy job matching their body type with the clothes they buy. Most of us do not have that “golden body ratio,” and it is therefore especially crucial to gain a thorough understanding of our body types. It’s hard to choose the right clothing style to flaunt our best assets and hide those relatively less attractive parts.

Knowing which kinds of clothes work for your body and learning the tricks on how to sculpt a good body shape with clothes make all the difference in the world – simply having an amazing figure is not enough. Picking the wrong type of clothes could potentially diminish the praises your body deserves.

First, you must decide what is your body type: Are you petite, tall, curvy or do you have an hourglass figure? Once you know your body type, take note of the tips below.

1. Petite
It is all about appearing to be taller and leaner. Wearing the right kinds of clothing items can turn this wishful thinking into reality!

a) Layer prints. By this, I mean layering a piece of print clothing on top of a piece of plain clothing, which will add curves to your figure.

b) Wear peep-toe shoes or pointy shoes. Of course, wearing heels can always add a few inches to your petite frame. However, it is impractical for most to wear heels all the time. Also, shoes that show the entire upper surface of your foot can fake a height increase. The skin on the top of your foot will make people think that your legs are extended to where that area is.

c) Choose a top that hits around three to four inches below the waist. It can extend and elongate your body and make you appear taller.

2. Tall
It may be true that any clothing item hangs pretty on a long body frame. However, it doesn’t hurt to look even better, right?

a) Wear a tunic. Your body will look more proportional in a tunic. Adding a belt will even out your curves.

b) Try a maxi dress. Prepare for the “wows” and gasps you’re going to get. A maxi dress on your long and lean body frame will certainly get you that jaw-dropping effect.

c) Wear multiple bangles and bracelets. They will draw attention to your long arms and push them into the spotlight.

3. Curvy
If you have curves, don’t hide them – flaunt them! These items will look extra flattering on you.

a) V-neck. It shows off your curves in a not-too-revealing way. A black V-neck, skintight dress hugs all of the appropriate curves and skims over all the ones that you are not particularly fond of. It’s the prime choice for more upscale social events.

b) Dark skinny jeans. Skinny jeans always show off your curves! And the darkness has the slimming effects that we often look for when picking out clothes.

c) Empire waist top. It accentuates the area above your waist and makes those curves you are so damn proud of even more obvious.

4. Hourglass
The biggest tip for dressing well with an hourglass body type is to give prominence to the waist while dressing proportionally for the rest of your body.

a) Wide-leg jeans (high-waist jeans are preferred). With these on, your middle area will appear to be even tinier, which results in a striking and beautiful contrast between your waist, hips and bust!

b) Fuller skirt. It nips tightly at your waist and grazes over your curves.

c) Tops that highlight the waist. Again, accentuating the waist is crucial for dressing this body type. Flowy tops, tops with the empire waist, and tops with shapeless cuts are all very bad calls. It would be such a waste to bury your small waist beneath those kinds of tops.

If you remember these tips, there’s no way that you won’t capture the spotlight every time you walk into a room!