It’s late. You want to meet your friends for dessert, maybe some coffee, nothing too heavy. You don’t want to go far; it’s not that kind of night. You just want to talk in a cozy environment, eat some good food and try something new. No Pinkberry and definitely no Starbucks, right? Sounds like a night for Spoon by H.

This new little joint, hidden and spectacularly unassuming, will surprise you with its level of high quality ingredients, unusual flavors and humbling service. With shaved ice, hot teas, coffee, cupcakes, waffles and even udon and gimbob (Korean rolls), you’re sure to find something to satisfy whatever craving you’re having. Best of all: They’re open until 10 p.m.

The range in their hot tea list would be impressive even if the tea wasn’t that great, but one whiff of the sweet Korean Lemon Tea, Black Cherry Tea, Green Apple Tea, or yes, even Chocolate Mint Tea, and you’ll be sold. And if you’re not, the owner is quick and kind enough to ask you if you’d like a sample. Their waffle and pastry batters are made in-house with fresh fruit cut and served to order. Presentation can be a bit over the top with flower motifs abound, but it helps give Spoon by H its sweet personality.

Lattes and iced coffees are equally mouth-watering – get a latte to see the beautiful latte art – and milkshakes balance their sweetness just right (sweet, but never too sweet). The Taro Milkshake is one of the best in Los Angeles (order taro at any boba place to gauge their authenticity: it should be slightly tropical-tasting, sweet, frothy and never watered down), and add boba for that extra “oomph.”

If you’re hungry and want real Asian cuisine, Spoon by H’s got that, too. They serve udon noodles, pan-fried dumplings, even numerous sandwich options for the all-American; the savory options are a hit, as well.

Family run and operated, you’ll always be greeted with a smile. The staff will offer you numerous samples, you’ll hear recommendations, you’ll have your questions answered, and you’ll even get insight to the shop’s baking and creative practices at an affordable price. Starbucks doesn’t even compare.

If you’re going, definitely take advantage of their drink and dessert menu – it’s a breath of fresh air in a city of few ethnic café’s and even fewer ones worth visiting.

Spoon by H is located at 7158 Beverly Blvd. in Los Angeles.