Disc jockeys used to be seen as wannabe musicians who played bad music at wedding receptions. But now the tables have turned, both literally and figuratively.

These days popular DJs have become A-list celebrities who travel the world playing music for gigantic crowds of sweaty partygoers. Why do people love DJs so much? Well, they bring the music, which also means they bring the party. And now average-Joes can also bring the party with the new DJ WeGo Controller by Pioneer.

One of the best things about this DJ controller is that it easily plugs into your computer, allowing you to practice your mixing skills from your apartment, house or dorm. It is also user-friendly; however, you may have to spend some time reading the directions. But once you get started, you’ll have a great time turning “Ice Ice Baby” into a slow-jam and “Stand By Me” into a dance hit.

The controller works well with Mac or Windows because it comes with Virtual DJ LE Software that allows you to mix, scratch, sample and loop your own songs from your iTUNES Library. It also comes in five colors, including black, white, red, green and violet, and each one lights up so you can look and sound like a real DJ.

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