Uh-oh. The dreaded Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks and this year, you don’t have someone to share it with…again. However, instead of feeling bad about yourself, vow to make this a Valentine’s Day you’ll always remember. Vow to ignore the urge to scowl at all of the couples holding hands. Vow to not feel bitter when you see your friends post photos of gifts and flowers they’ve received on Facebook and Instagram. Instead, enjoy these V-Day activities that are appropriate for any single guy and gal!

Host a Party
Don’t sit in your living room watching The Notebook all night with nothing but a tissue box and heart-shaped marshmallow peeps by your side. Instead, invite friends over to drink red wine, eat dark chocolate, wear red, play games and share stories. Your single friends will be especially happy to have Valentine’s Day plans too.

Play a Rom-Com Drinking Game
This can be done with a bigger party or a smaller group. Choose a quintessential romantic comedy such as Notting Hill, Runaway Bride or anything else with Julia Roberts in it, and then set some ground rules. Every time the main character cries, gets rescued by the leading male or says the word “love,” take a drink. Be careful how you set the rules because this game can be effective very quickly.

Pamper Yourself
Being single means you do not have the pressure of getting your lover the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Instead, you can give those gifts to yourself. Treat yourself to a bubble bath with a glass of red wine. Buy yourself that beautiful necklace you’ve been eyeing. Cook that perfect meal for you to enjoy with friends. Basically, give yourself all the gifts.

Send a Surprise Valentine
You are not the only single person on the planet, although sometimes it might feel that way. Why not send an anonymous card, box of chocolates or flowers to somebody who is only expecting to receive bills from the mailman on Valentine’s Day? It feels good to let a friend, coworker or some unappreciated individual know that you notice them.

Do Something Better than Valentine’s Day
It’s no longer the day you felt more single than ever. Instead, it’s the day that you went skydiving, indoor rock-climbing or bungee jumping. It’s the day you finally decided to ride a mechanical bull or drive a red convertible through Hollywood. It’s the best day ever.

Host a Passion Party
A Passion Party is the ultimate girls’ night in. During a passion party, an enthusiastic Passion Party representative presents the latest sex-toy products to you and your girlfriends. You and your girls can enjoy sex-inspired cocktails and food, while you learn interesting facts about intercourse and sex-toys. It’s very fun, wild and hilarious. Plus, you might end the night with a new bedroom accessory. 

Donate Blood
Your heart may feel like it’s broken, but some people have actual anatomically broken hearts. You know, the kind that can only be fixed by cardiologists and open-heart surgery. Why not help those people mend their broken hearts by donating blood at your local American Red Cross center? Helping others is a great way to feel accomplished instead of pathetic on V-Day.

Get Your Heart Pumping
You don’t need to kiss someone to get your heart pumping. While everyone else is indulging on chocolate truffles, rich dinners and red wine, you can up your heart rate with a fun workout. Try out a new fitness class like Soul Cycle or Cardio Bar. The intense physical exercise will keep your mind occupied, your body beautiful and your emotions happy from all the endorphins.

Send Flowers to Your Mom
Forget about the love you don’t have. Valentine’s Day is not just about romantic love; it’s also about the love you have for your close friends and family. It’s a day to celebrate, acknowledge and appreciate all the different kinds of love you have for people. So send something to your mom, dad, sister or brother to show that you appreciate the love you do have in your life.

Paint the Town Red
Get a group of single friends together, and hit the bars, clubs and other vibrant nightlife scenes. Don’t worry about sifting through a forest of couples. A lot of singles actually go out on Valentine’s Day and have a blast partying the night away. So tell your friends to bring their paintbrushes because Valentine’s Day is the day to paint the town red.