If you “ooh!” and “ahh!” at the costumes in your favorite movies and yearn to see them up close and in person, consider your wish fulfilled. The Fashion Industry of Design & Merchandise (FIDM) in Downtown Los Angeles has opened the doors of its galleries to the for its 21st annual “Art of Motion Picture Costume Design” exhibition.

The show gives cinephiles, fashionistas, costume appreciators and fashion students the opportunity to see costumes from some of the most fashionably important flicks of the past year. That includes 2012 Academy Award winner for Costume Design The Artist along with the 2013 Academy Award nominees for the same category: Anna Karenina, Les Misérables, Lincoln, Mirror, Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman.

The show as a whole takes a lot of effort before display, including obtaining the actual costumes from production companies, private collectors and more. Even more, FIDM pretty much takes a stab at who might take the Academy Award that year.

Each mannequin mimics the body type of the actor/actress originally wearing the costume; some even come with specific mannequins sent by the costumes’ owners. Absolutely free of cost to the public, the show is a must-see for everyone.