Bring on the flowers, chocolates, expensive dinner reservations and the little blue Tiffany & Co. jewelry boxes - it's Valentine's Day, people. Some of us have had great memories...while others probably wish this day didn't exist.

We asked people to open up about their wonderful and terrible Valentine’s Day memories. Whichever way you choose to spend your day, hopefully these stories will cheer you up or make you appreciate your lover.

Best Valentine’s Day
“I was sick on the first Valentine’s Day with my current boyfriend, and my plan to cook him a steak dinner with soufflé as dessert went out the window. Surprisingly, he came over to my apartment early in the morning, turned the table around, and cooked me a different flavor congee for breakfast, lunch and dinner! The feeling of being taken care of so tenderly was incredible. The way he treated me reminded me of the Catholic marriage vows…that he would stay true to me and stick with me through thick and thin.” – Leah Park, senior at UCLA.

“Money was especially tight that winter. I could not afford to buy my girlfriend a decent present, let alone taking her out for dinner. I was working in a woodworking shop, and I was on duty that day. Towards the end of the day, I took a scrap piece of wood and made her a heart. It was not much at all. But, when I handed it to her, I saw the look in her eyes, and I knew that I had scored big time with my valentine. We spent the rest of the evening together and enjoyed each other’s company. Unlike a box of chocolates or a date at a restaurant, which would vanish away quickly, my girlfriend can always keep the heart. As a matter of fact, she still has that wooden heart with her now!” – Chris McCafferty, 29.

“My date and I attended a poetry reading, and we recited the verses we wrote for each other afterwards. I was on cloud nine that I finally found an attractive guy that shares my passion! Guys like that are really hard to come by. ” – Gina Chu, senior at UCLA

Worst Valentine’s Day
“Last year’s was definitely the worse. I was dating this guy that was always hot and cold with me. I eagerly waited for his call on that day, and I tried calling him a couple of times as well, but he never picked up. Finally, when Valentine’s Day was almost over, he showed up at my dorm room with a rose. I could not help but think that he had spent the entire day with someone else. So, I snatched the rose from him and tossed it into a trash can close by. What a fool I’ve been!” – India Water, junior at UCLA

“In attempt to have a decent celebration with my date, I reserved a table for two at a really nice restaurant. Even though he was usually uncomfortable to be seen with me as a couple, I thought maybe he could break out from his comfort zone for the sake of Valentine’s Day. Boy, was I wrong! He squirmed in his seat and just poked at his food for the entire night. Apparently, being surrounded by other ‘normal’ heterosexual couples in the restaurant had made him felt out of place.” - Calvin Cheung, 28.