When you look at Charlie Weber, you immediately think “hot.” No, not just hot – super hot. With his tousled brown hair, smoldering greenish/grayish/blueish eyes, washboard abs and manly-man persona that exudes sex appeal, it’s kind of hard to deny it. Add his “hotness” to his acting skills, and Hollywood better watch out; Weber is making his way into the hearts of the 16 to 32-year-old female demographic one shirtless scene at a time.

But although Weber is increasingly gaining fame by nabbing recurring roles as the extremely attractive, ruggedly handsome character on shows like MTV’s “Underemployed” and now the CW’s fifth season of “90210” as Mark (Weber will premiere on the show on Feb. 25), he’s not letting that fame get to him. When chatting with Weber, it was surprising to find out that the Beverly Hills/Hollywood glamorous lifestyle is not something that necessarily appeals to him, despite the fact that he portrays a 90210 inhabitant on the show.

“I’m not over in the real 90210 very often,” said Weber. “I live out by the beach; I have a low-key lifestyle.”

He continued, “My experience in Beverly Hills is pretty limited…but it looks fictional. You’re walking down the street, and there’s one car after another that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars…one store after another where a jacket will cost you $2,000 – it’s just a different world over there.”

Being the good-natured Midwestern boy that he is (he’s from Missouri), Weber has maintained a level head from the time he moved to New York at only 19 years old (“It was a culture shock!”) to his move to the beautiful La-La Land filled with fancy homes, fancy cars and even fancier people. It’s easy to get sucked into the stereotypical “L.A. way of life,” especially when you’re a celebrity, but Weber stays focused mainly because of one very important reason: his family.

“You know, it’s almost a struggle to get me to these events because I have an 8-year-old daughter, and that’s pretty much everything,” said Weber. “That’s what I do; that’s what my life revolves around. When you have something that huge in your life, it’s pretty easy to stay grounded.”

Before coming to New York and L.A., Weber always had a passion for acting. He started at a young age and continued all the way until he hit high school, where he became more involved in football and track, and less in the dramatic arts.

“Once I got into high school, it all became about musicals,” said Weber. “I’m not a real song-and-dance man…so I just got really involved in sports. When it came time to make decisions about my life, I thought to pursue [acting] a little further, and that led to my move to New York.”

In New York City, Weber studied at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting and landed a couple of modeling campaigns on the side, including a campaign with Abercrombie & Fitch (no surprise there!).

“Modeling for me was sort of what I did in the lieu of waiting tables or being a bartender,” said Weber nonchalantly. “It was an opportunity that was there for me…and I took advantage of it.”

After making his transition from modeling to acting and from New York to L.A., everything started happening pretty fast for the actor. He scored perhaps his best-known role as Ben on “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and has made appearances in primetime hits, including “Bones,” “Burn Notice,” “House M.D.” and more.

And “90210” is not the last stop for Weber. He hopes to continue to seriously grow as an actor from the inside out, to strive to be the best he can be.

“I want to just see how far I can take this thing and see how far I can push myself and try to continue to play characters that are…not necessarily more complicated, but more complex than the last,” said Weber.

Earlier in the interview, he stated, “I am at a time in my life where I am starting to know…who I am and what I am about.”

And Weber, with his good looks and glowing resume put aside, is someone who’s as grounded and humble as they come.

Charlie Answers Our V-Day Questions!
CC: What would be an ideal Valentine’s Day date for you?
CW: I like to cook dinner for whomever it is I’m seeing. To me, it’s like this cheesy fun way to spend Valentine’s Day – this nice, cool, home-cooked meal. I don’t like to take a date to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day.

CC: Is that the sweetest thing you’ve ever done for Valentine’s Day or have you done something even sweeter?
CW: That’s probably the sweetest thing I started doing. Before that, I wouldn’t know what I was doing. I would always try to do like the restaurant thing or whatever...

CC: Do you have a bad Valentine’s Day memory?
CW: Probably just all of the Valentine’s Days throughout the years I spent alone were probably the worst ones. There are several of those…I don’t get hung up on it, though. It’s Valentines Day. If you have [a Valentine], great. If not, whatever – it’s just another night.

“90210” airs on Mondays, 9/8c. Make sure you follow Charlie Weber on Twitter @TheCharlieWeber.